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New labels for Radocha beer — January 27, 2015
The city of Cvikov (Zwickau) has a brewery again! — December 5, 2014

The city of Cvikov (Zwickau) has a brewery again!

These lands in the outskirts of Czechia had and still have a very diffilcut times. Almost deserted after the WWII because of the expulsion of Germans from Czechoslovakia many tradicions vanished. Breweries are perfect example. There were lost of german-owned breweries in Sudetenland until 1948 and almost all of them were gone very quickly after this date. But some of them are coming back.

The newest one is Cvikov brewery in Northern Czechia. It was opened last week and I´m big fan of this project. I like the labels – they somehow reminds me something like 80´s design and I love the idea of bringing back old breweries to life. Hopefully their beer will beas good as this whole project.


Brewery Lobec introduced new labels —
Three new beers from central Europe. Styles and tastes may vary. — November 10, 2014

Three new beers from central Europe. Styles and tastes may vary.

European craft beer scene is booming! We can see couple of very interesting new beers almost every week and I´m eager to try them all even it´ll be very diffilcut. 🙂 This week I discovered these three and this time even the labels are amazing! The first one is from Poland, second one is Austrian and the third is from CZ.

Hops, Dearh and Taxes is Spanish Cedar Aged Black IPA by Piwne Podziemie (Beer Underground) – quite new craft brewers from Rozdzalow, Chelm (near Lublin, PL). By the label I can say that these guys are absolutely nuts and I´d love to see more of their beers.

Austrian Bevog Brewery from Bad Radkersburg is one of the few craft breweries in the country outside Vienna. I love their labels and this one (reminding me a movie Where the Wild things are) is their best. Excellent. A I thing that the beer will be as good too.

The last new beer for today is one of the few Czech Saisons. Saisons are not yet very much popular here because their complicated taste and maybe because it´s very far from classic Czech lager in taste as beer can be. So Snajdr craft brewery is trying to change this and I´m big fan of it.




Five more absolutely ridiculous Polish beer labels. — November 6, 2014

Five more absolutely ridiculous Polish beer labels.


I admire and love Polish craft beer. I really do. But sometimes I just wonder who makes some of it. 🙂 Don´t get me wrong I am not complaining much – I am quite thrilled. Look at these labels from breweries Podgorz and Chmelarium. Funny? Amateur? Artsy? Ridiculous?

I know that it´s pretty hard to sell craft beer in Poland, country where beer culture is not as developed as we might want, so I suppose that these labels aim to catch some attention between non-beer geeks. But still… Maybe I´m old fashioned but please pay more attention to label design – bad fonts and clipart won´t do much.

So, what do you think?

sources and thanks to: Male piwko blog, Chmelowisko

P.S. Pssssst, okay, I admit – Sniezny kockodan is perfect… 😀

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DC Superheroes brands beers! Awesome (fictional) labels! — October 8, 2014

DC Superheroes brands beers! Awesome (fictional) labels!

via laughingsquid


“Florida-based graphic designer Marcelo Rizzetto has created a septet of stunning beer labels based on members of the DC Comics all-star superhero team, The Justice League (and Hanna-Barbera’s animated series Super Friends). The Justice League Brewery adult beverages varieties include Batman Dark Ale, Superman Strong Pale Lager, Green Lantern Pale Ale (green for St. Patrick’s Day), Wonder WomanPremium American Lager, The Flash Irish Red Ale, Aquaman Belgium Blond Ale, and the animated Wonder Twins Lambic Framboise.”

I love it!

artist link

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The funniest but kind of NSFW beer labels from Poland — August 18, 2014
Milton Glaser Critiques Modern Beer Art — March 27, 2014

Milton Glaser Critiques Modern Beer Art

Beer and logo design as a topic for New York Times? And with Milton Glaser himself? Awesome!


“I have a theory that most of design, in general, is the creation of affection,” says Milton Glaser, the 84-year-old graphic-design legend, who created the I ♥ NY logo. When it comes to craft beer, Glaser, who also designed the Brooklyn Brewery identity, believes that it comes down to creating a label that looks quirkily amateurish — if not downright unprofessional. “The one thing you don’t want to look like is Budweiser,” Glaser says. “This creates a paradox: How do you deliberately create the illusion of not knowing what you’re doing when you actually do?” As he notes below, some companies do it better than others.

11 Glaser´s beer label critiques in NY Times