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Lobkowicz Januv Elixir — June 24, 2014

Lobkowicz Januv Elixir

Today, we celebrate Jan´s (John, Hans, Ian…) name day. And Lobkowicz brewery prepared special spice beer called Januv elixir (Jan´s elixir). They say that it´s brewed with magical mix of herbs and spices including cardamom, balm mint and cannabis (no THC). So it may be pretty refreshing after all.


Břevnov Karl I. — June 3, 2014

Břevnov Karl I.

Pivovarska Brana pub in Hradec Kralove, my beloved place with eight taps, is celebating 1st. year opening anniversary. And because of that Klasterni pivovar Brevov (Prague) and its brewmaster Jiří Krudenc made a special limited edition beer – Karl I. –  named after the last Austria-Hungarian emperor. It´s dunkles weizen with 4.5% alc and it´s available now.


Kanec Red Ale — May 29, 2014

Kanec Red Ale

10363982_10152480448952363_656522745232211561_nPivonka posted on its FB page that Kanec brewery from Zamberk made probably its first ale. It´s a Red Ale and according to source it´s easy drinking and pretty nice. Unfortunately the brewery itself has totally disastrous PR (empty webpage as well as FB feed) so no detail information is available. But the beers from Kanec are always pretty good so it´s another must-to-drink on Saturday during Pivni Rozjimani – my favourite beer event in Hradec Kralove!

Tambor brewery tours — May 24, 2014

Tambor brewery tours

Do you want to visit smaller and pretty new Czech brewery? Well, head to the most famous safari and ZOO in Dvur Kralove nad Labem (near Hradec Kralove) and there is Tambor brewery. This year Tambor offers tours so you´ll have a chance to see how its beer is made. Tambor brewery is a medium sized brewery founded in 2009 and its beers are brewed by classical Czech recipes so don´t expect any ales or porters. But I must say that Tambor 12 lager is one of the best of its kind in CZ. So if you travel by go visit you won´t be disappointed!

The prize is 130Kč (approx. 4.50 Euro) and the lenght of the tour is about 45 minutes.

More info here:, tel 499 621 176, webpage



New “Czech” brewery in North Korea — May 15, 2014
Tambor Brewery suports AA CUP rider — May 8, 2014

Tambor Brewery suports AA CUP rider

10330370_284524311708555_4586614358970370659_nInteresting form of promotion chose Tambor – brewery from Dvur Kralove nad Labem (near Hradec Kralove). They decided to support motorcycle rider Michal Chalupa who competes in AA CUP Adria Raceway. The photos were taken from Tambor´s Facebook page and show logo of the brewery on the bike altogether with a trophy for 3rd place. Michal Chalupa finished third in both Italian races and gained some points to the overall standings in European Championship.

The beer geeks could also noticed that this fine result was celebrated by the team with a new Tambor´s beer – J.Jakoubek. It´s Vienna lager named after a famous songs writer and it should be available by now in restaurants and pubs around Dvur Kralove nad Labem and elsewhere.


More Easter green beers on tap in Pivovarská Brána today — April 18, 2014

More Easter green beers on tap in Pivovarská Brána today

10258710_843411132341220_6516633669045516233_nGreen Thursday is one of the most important days in Church calendar and Pivovarska Brana pub (Hradec Králové) decided to have some green beers to commemorate this day. The beers are mainly from medium sized breweries in Jihlava, Náchod and Vratislavice. The only exception is the second brewery from Jihlava – my favourite Radniční brewery and I also suppose that their beer will be the best.

I´m not a big fan but – well – the green beers in CZ walked a long way since their beginning couple of years ago so maybe they will stay on the market for a long time. But personally I would swap this green beer trend for american pumpkin beer phenomena immediately . 🙂

New microbrewery in Hradec Králové? — April 14, 2014

New microbrewery in Hradec Králové?

10250199_10152374578202363_9201910761781746115_nHradec Králové (100km east from Prague) is my home city so I´m still very curious about what´s happening there. As for the beer Hradec Králové isn´t interesting much but times are slowly changing. There is one very good beer shop (Pivoňka), one exceptional pub with its own beer (Pivovarská brána – but their beer is brewed in Prague for now) and one very rarely brewing picobrewery Rambousek. But there will be more.

Pivonka pointed out on its Facebook page that homebrewers called Ovipistan are preparing new microbrewery in Hradec Kralove. In the picture, you cas see their first test batch. It´s Bohemian Pilsener called President and according to the source it´s pretty good. So I really do hope that the guys will make it and the new Hradec microbrewery will be opened soon and we will have a chance to drink another beer from a beautiful queens´city.