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Morava Černá 10 — July 8, 2014

Morava Černá 10

10463954_632173790211883_3341881354787067949_nPivovarek Morava in Frydek-Mistek brewed its first dunkel beer. They label it just Černa 10 (Black 10) and it is announces ad “summer refreshment”. I am a big fan of this micobrewery – it´s in my hometown and the brewmaster is a pretty nice guy but their PR (names, posters, slogans) is just horrible. I can imagine dozens of better beer styles for “summer refreshment”) and dozens of better ways how to promote dunkel in our coal-mining region. It´s just a wasted opportunity and I really hope that they will be better in PR in the future.

But I´m still quite curious and I´m looking forward to taste this.

32 teams in Brazil for World Cup 2014 – 32 great beers from every country participating! (Group D) — June 12, 2014

32 teams in Brazil for World Cup 2014 – 32 great beers from every country participating! (Group D)

Well, let´s play a little game. World Cup 2014 starts in a few days and billions of people around the world will be watching. And many of them will enjoy a good beer and I have decided to give them tips for at least onde good or at least decent brew from every country playing there. Some will be easy, some will be pretty challenging. So there we go!


Group D

Uruguay – Davok Shannon Dunkel – Montevideo – Cerveza: Negra Estilo: Cerveza Ale Oscura con Trigo. Receta personalizada para The Shannon Irish Pub Cont.Alc: 6,0 % Apariencia: Color marrón oscuro. Espuma espesa color canela con buena retención. Aroma: Aroma intenso a maltas tostadas con muy bajo aroma a lúpulo. Notas a pan se confunden con los ésteres frutados característicos de las cervezas que utilizan levaduras para mostos elaborados con trigo. Cuerpo y Sabor: Cuerpo medio-pleno con elevada carbonatación. Es una cerveza compleja, densa y de bajo amargor. “Tap at The Shannon, Montevideo. Dark brown color, good off-white head. Aroma is coffeish, roasted malty. Medium-bodied. Toasted, coffeish and a bit sweet. Nicely balanced and the best Uru beer so far.” – Tbone

Costa Rica – Costa Rica´s Segua Red Ale – Cartago – Irish Ale – La Segua Red Ale will lure you in with its full hop nose and surprise you with it’s full body and nice caramel color. Then she will finish you off with a monstrous crisp, hoppy finish. The only beer of its kind in Costa Rica, this beer is sure to please the taste buds of the most discerning Craft Beer drinker. We challenge you to bring La Segua home and enjoy her to the bitter end! “Keg at Hotel Belmar, Monteverde. Clear amber, small head. Bready nose with roses and grapefruit. Mid dry with light-medium body and clean, rounded mouthfeel. Crystal malt and toast, slight citrus hops. Mid bittet finish. Nicely balanced.” – omhper

England – Samuel Smiths Oatmeal Stout – Tadcaster – Originally a drink for lactating mothers, oatmeal stout was described as nutritional on early labels. Oats are in the same family as barley, and a small addition yields great flavor. Popular in the late 1800’s, the last oatmeal stout was brewed before the First World War until Samuel Smith reintroduced this style in 1980. “Bottle. Pours a dark brown almost black color with a longlasting creamy tan head. Fruity roasted malty chocolate aroma with some hints of caramel. Roasted malty chocolate and dark fruit flavor. Smooth malty chocolate finish with a slightly bitter aftertaste.” – anders37

Italy – Birra del Borgo Duchessic – Borgorose – Saison – Birra del Borgo saison blended with Cantillon Lambic. “Bottle 75 cl. RBESG Rome 2010. Pours a cloudy and opaque golden with an off-white head leaving some laces. Dry lambicish nose – a little barnyard. Rather light in body, again dry lambic accents – hardly any residual sugars here. Sulphurous but not really sour though. Ends very dry. Quite interesting. 020610” – papsoe

Ostravar Černá Barbora — June 4, 2014

Ostravar Černá Barbora


This Saturday Ostravar brewery – the biggest brewery in Ostrava – will unveil its new beer. According to the media it´s going to be dunkel witha about 5.2% alc. This type of beer is coming back to Ostravar portfolio after almost 70 years. The name Černá Barbora is a reference to Saint Barbara  – patrone of all miners. The beer will be pretty hoppy and dry no artificial sweets will be added to it. Labels and more detail are yet unkonwn.

source (CZ)


Pivovar Lyer Modrava — April 24, 2014

Pivovar Lyer Modrava


The new brewpub or brewhotel opened in Šumava Mountains (south of Prague near Czech-German borders). It´s quite new phenomena. Big hotel resorts in Czech most favourite locations are adding small breweries to help themselves in competition on the supply side. In Krkonose (Giant Mountains), there is a small brewery in Luční bouda, in Beskydy mountains, there is Lomnan Brewery by the Hotel Pod Kyčmolem in Horni Lomna.

And now there is this new one in Šumava. Lyer Brewery by the Penzion Modrava in Modrava, one of the biggest tourist places in National Park Šumava). The name – Lyer – stands for the owner of the brewery nad hotel – Ing. Radovan Lyer.

The portofolio is quite classic – according to all information I could get – they brew  Lyer10, Lyer11, Lyer12 – bohemian pilsener style lagers and Lyer 11 – dunkel lager.

I´m really interested in quality of these beers because I´m really afraid that this type of small hotel breweries is focused just to get an attention to the hotel and not so much to the beer quality. But I´d love to be wrong here.


Rožnovské pivo Habsburg — April 23, 2014

Rožnovské pivo Habsburg

IMG_2497_FotorBrewery in Roznov pod Radhostem (roughly between Zlin and Ostrava) associated with famous Roznov Beer Spa made a new beer. It´s dark lager or Dunkel with 6% alc. The name – Habsburg – is connected with famous Austrian royal family that ruled th Kingdom of Bohemia and Moravia in the past. It´s made with 4 differend kinds of malt and two different kinds of hops. It´s a thick beer with nice white head, dark black colour and pleasant a bit caramelish taste. It´s one of their best beers and one of the finest dunkels I´ve ever had.