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New labels for Radocha beer — January 27, 2015
The first ever ale from Frydek-Mistek — August 7, 2014

The first ever ale from Frydek-Mistek

10552561_648156588613603_1521124372099393685_nThe hell froze over! Frydek-Mistek, my hometown, will have its first ale. That is remarkable because local beer drinkers are ultra conservative and the only beer here is Radegast – local pilsener lager. But things changed…

Morava – 1st local brewpub – announced today its first ale. It´s going to be a Red Ale with about 5.2% alc. and I can´t wait to taste it next weekend!

Karlovsky minipivovar Pod pralesem Velké Karlovice — July 11, 2014

Karlovsky minipivovar Pod pralesem Velké Karlovice

minipivovar-pod-pralesem-karlovice-080720149_denik-600A brand new brewery is in the making in Beskydy montains. The village Velké Karlovice is known for relatively remoteness and therefore it´s perfect place for summer or winter holidays. It´s located in the deep valley under the Beskydy mountins in the very east of the Czech Republic. The nature is wild and the people are very tough. So I´m very curious what´s the beer will be like. The names are promising: Skřítek, Diblík etc. points to magical dwarfs-like creatures that live in the mountais. They will start with classical Czech beer (pilsener, maybe dunkel) but stronger beers and specials will be on the menu later as well.

I love the logo and I´m very curious about labels design!

An article in Czech – here

Beskydský pivovarek James Cook IPA — July 8, 2014
Morava Černá 10 —

Morava Černá 10

10463954_632173790211883_3341881354787067949_nPivovarek Morava in Frydek-Mistek brewed its first dunkel beer. They label it just Černa 10 (Black 10) and it is announces ad “summer refreshment”. I am a big fan of this micobrewery – it´s in my hometown and the brewmaster is a pretty nice guy but their PR (names, posters, slogans) is just horrible. I can imagine dozens of better beer styles for “summer refreshment”) and dozens of better ways how to promote dunkel in our coal-mining region. It´s just a wasted opportunity and I really hope that they will be better in PR in the future.

But I´m still quite curious and I´m looking forward to taste this.

Morava Boruvkove pivo — June 18, 2014

Morava Boruvkove pivo

Microbrewery Morava in Frydek-Mistek offers a new brew. It´s a fruit beer and it´s quite typical for this region. Beskydy mountains are full of blueberries so the choice was obvious. My guess is that it´s mix of their lager beer and blueberry syrup and it´ll be pretty decent. I must check it out eventhough I´m not a big fan of fruit beers.10423943_617726631656599_6103456227131422149_n

Roznovske American Pale Ale —
Beskydsky pivovarek – New Zeeland Amber IPA — June 13, 2014
Beskydsky pivovarek – Summer Day Ale — May 28, 2014
Two new IPAs from Beskydsky Pivovarek — May 16, 2014

Two new IPAs from Beskydsky Pivovarek

10171670_436862166416704_259017779893067446_n More good stuff from Ostravice. First fresh new IPA with really interesting name: Lissa huera. It´s the first ever recorded name of Beskydy mountains´ highest point Lysa Hora and the beer is quite fresh and strong.

The second new beer is not quite new but it´s the second edition of famous “Beskydsky smrkac”. The beer is IPA with an extract from spruce needles taken on the local mountain Smrk. The first batch was a huge success so I hope that this time there will be more liters available. The first batch was sold out during a few days.