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Two interesting Czech Christmas specials — December 17, 2014

Two interesting Czech Christmas specials


Two of the most interesting Czech breweries made a special Christmas batch. Usually you can buy around Christmas time in beer shops all over the CZ some special Vienna lagers, pilseners etc. but these two took a different path. Clock brewery from Brno brewed Zlate prasatko (Golden Pig) and its weizenbock and Beskydsky pivovarek from Ostravice made Semi Dark IPA from czech and oregon hops. Both will be a treat.10689499_517091465060440_543534049796028813_n 10489633_817751504933109_2951030986814528753_n

27/10 – Day of the Czech Beer — September 25, 2014

27/10 – Day of the Czech Beer


10404205_488510641251856_5646375575593680103_nOn Saturday you can celebrate the Day of the Czech Beer! It´s St. Wenceslaus Day as well and because St. Wenceslaus is a patron of the Czech lands and beer is typical for us it´s a perfect day for pilsener or two. So let´s have some pints of czech style lager and try to taste some decent one.

But. If you don´t like pilseners or lagers you can buy and taste this Svatovaclavsky special (St. Wenceslaus special) made by Beskydsky pivovarek in Ostravice. It´ll be stronger IPA and it´ll be perfect as usual.

So Cheers!

Beskydský pivovarek James Cook IPA — July 8, 2014
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Beskydsky pivovarek – Summer Day Ale — May 28, 2014
Two new IPAs from Beskydsky Pivovarek — May 16, 2014

Two new IPAs from Beskydsky Pivovarek

10171670_436862166416704_259017779893067446_n More good stuff from Ostravice. First fresh new IPA with really interesting name: Lissa huera. It´s the first ever recorded name of Beskydy mountains´ highest point Lysa Hora and the beer is quite fresh and strong.

The second new beer is not quite new but it´s the second edition of famous “Beskydsky smrkac”. The beer is IPA with an extract from spruce needles taken on the local mountain Smrk. The first batch was a huge success so I hope that this time there will be more liters available. The first batch was sold out during a few days.


Beskydský pivovárek – Black Magic IPA — April 25, 2014

Beskydský pivovárek – Black Magic IPA


A new IPA emerged from my beloved Beskydsky pivovarek in Ostravice. This time it´s Black IPA and label design is connected with witches or more precisely with Walpurgis Night that is celebrated in Central and Northern Europe April 30th with dancing and bonfires.

This celebration (originated in Germany) in the Czech Republic is called pálení čarodějnic (“burning of the witches”) or čarodějnice (“the witches”), and it is the day when winter is ceremonially brought to the end by the burning of rag and straw witches or just broomsticks on bonfires around the country. The festival offers Czechs the chance to eat, drink and be merry around a roaring fire.

On sale: April 24th 2014

Beskydsky pivovarek – Abel Tasman IPA — March 26, 2014
Beskydský pivovárek – Zázvorový Ale (review) — March 24, 2014

Beskydský pivovárek – Zázvorový Ale (review)


Beskydsky pivovarek from Ostravice started spring beer season with this pretty strong Ginger Ale and I havc recently had a chance to drink it. And it´s good! Ale-ish smell and taste and then spicy ginger palate. That is the best thing. As I said it´s pretty strong – 5.1alc – but the taste is smooth and gigner edge gives this brew almost a medicinal feeling. Beskydsky pivovarek started to produce this on in late February and it´s still available.


Beskydský pivovárek – Spring IPA — March 14, 2014