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Three new beers from central Europe. Styles and tastes may vary. — November 10, 2014

Three new beers from central Europe. Styles and tastes may vary.

European craft beer scene is booming! We can see couple of very interesting new beers almost every week and I´m eager to try them all even it´ll be very diffilcut. 🙂 This week I discovered these three and this time even the labels are amazing! The first one is from Poland, second one is Austrian and the third is from CZ.

Hops, Dearh and Taxes is Spanish Cedar Aged Black IPA by Piwne Podziemie (Beer Underground) – quite new craft brewers from Rozdzalow, Chelm (near Lublin, PL). By the label I can say that these guys are absolutely nuts and I´d love to see more of their beers.

Austrian Bevog Brewery from Bad Radkersburg is one of the few craft breweries in the country outside Vienna. I love their labels and this one (reminding me a movie Where the Wild things are) is their best. Excellent. A I thing that the beer will be as good too.

The last new beer for today is one of the few Czech Saisons. Saisons are not yet very much popular here because their complicated taste and maybe because it´s very far from classic Czech lager in taste as beer can be. So Snajdr craft brewery is trying to change this and I´m big fan of it.




Břevnov Karl I. — June 3, 2014

Břevnov Karl I.

Pivovarska Brana pub in Hradec Kralove, my beloved place with eight taps, is celebating 1st. year opening anniversary. And because of that Klasterni pivovar Brevov (Prague) and its brewmaster Jiří Krudenc made a special limited edition beer – Karl I. –  named after the last Austria-Hungarian emperor. It´s dunkles weizen with 4.5% alc and it´s available now.


A quick trip to Melk (Austria) and beer in Znojmo — May 10, 2014

A quick trip to Melk (Austria) and beer in Znojmo

Well, this post is not much about beer. Melk, a beautiful small city in majestic Donau valley in Austria, is not a beer center. It´s not even a mediocre beer place. It´s the center of region Wachau known primarily for its wine. And I´m not much wine drinker. So only beer I had was light Austrian lager Kaiser and it wasn´t very good.

Although it´s a beer desert Melk is beautiful and the huge abbey overlooking city and river is just breathtaking. So I can recommend a visit. And if you want to enjoy some good beer drive to the Czech Republic – to a beautiful medieval town of Znojmo.

Znojmo doesn´t have its beer really – a while ago there was a brewery and they brewed pretty bad beer called Hostan. Brewery is now closed and Hostan is brewed by Krusovice brewery near Prague. But Znojmo has perfect beer pub – U Sneka (Snail´s) and they offer eleven taps with beers from small and micro breweries from all CZ. They even have their own beer – Snek 11 brewed in Kromeriz – and offer beer from neighbour village Sedlesovice called Zlaty Josef. Both brews are unfiltered pilsener style lagers and are pretty good. What I loved there were two a bit more interesting beers they offered. First was very heavy and strong bock – Klasterni bock from a brewery Klaster in Hradiste nad Jizerou and second was the greatest beer I had there Cornel Single Malt Ale from Podklasterni pivovar Trebic. That was really something special.

So if you are in that area of Europe visit Melk abbey and then go to the perfect U Sneka pub in Znojmo and you will have a great time!


5+1 Monday Beer Readings (7) — May 5, 2014

5+1 Monday Beer Readings (7)


Since the 1970s, the number of craft breweries operating in the U.S. has skyrocketed from less than 100 to more than 2,500. That’s promising news for the industry as a whole, but if you’re a new upstart fighting for recognition—or an older outfit trying to stay relevant—it spells fierce competition. Go to any beer store—or even the local bodega—and you’ll be inundated by choice. Which of the 60 different IPAs on offer are you going to pick? In craft beer, as in any business, branding matters. But rather than relying on million-dollar Super Bowl commercials and sponsorships to push their product, most small breweries duke it out on the shelves simply with cool bottles and cans. If you’re as into label art as we are, it’s exciting is to see how these brands create visual identities to match the creativity of their beers.

The attack of Haynau: “Down with the Austrian butcher!”
The Spring of Nations took Europe by storm. People for various reasons from different background thought it was time to act. From Paris to Debrecen people fought for what they thought was right against their opressor, military officials like Julius Jacob von Haynau. In 1801 he started his military career in the Austrian army, rose quickly in the ranks and when the revolutionary insurrections of 1848 broke out in Italy, Haynau was selected to command troops to suppress them. He is still known as the “Hangman of Arad“, the “Hyena of Brescia” or just simply as “The Butcher” He had earned his delightful moniker by torturing prisoners and flogging women while suppressing revolts in Italy and Hungary. But this is a beer blog, so why do I write all about this you ask? I get to it now.

Pop the Top: The 15 Best Canned Beers
There’s no denying that cans are more convenient than bottles. Cans are lighter, less breakable, and they’re also better for the environment. But canned beers come with a stigma–that they all taste metallic and are, therefore, inferior to bottled brews. This may have been the case when canned beers were first introduced in 1935, but both brewing and canning technologies have come a long way since then, right? There are now a growing number of canned suds that satisfy. Even Samuel Adams began canning their brews in 2013, paving the way for smaller craft breweries to follow the trend. But now when you go into your local beverage center, you might see a wall of beer which all look similar–which includes the less-tasty offerings from the big brewers. In fact, some of the big guys are now masking their mediocre beer with a craft-style can design (we’re looking at you, Anheuser-Busch). So without further ado, here are the 15 best canned beers.

Mexican craft beer a Cinco de Mayo review
With Cinco de Mayo coming up Sunday, May 5, a look at the state of affairs of Mexican craft beer is in order. Mexican beer has come a long way from the pale yellow fizzy lagers like Corona and Tecate. In today’s Mexico, craft brewers are setting up shop in and around major cities like Mexico City, Tijuana and Guadalajara. These pioneers have seen the craft beer craze sweep through the United States and seek to bring the great flavors of Mexico to artfully crafted ales. In an article by Yahoo Food editor Rachel Tepper, John Holl, editor of All About Beer Magazine, explained, “We’re seeing stouts, Belgian-style ales, tripels, beers that have local ingredients in with the mash,” Holl explained. “I think local ingredients can really be everything. Beers are brewed with cactus. Beers are aged in tequila barrels, or with spices that might go into certain local dishes.”

5 unlikely celebrities with some skin in the craft beer game
Ever wonder what celebrities do with their spare time and money? We’ve all heard stories about Charlie Sheen taking a hit of the devil’s dandruff and threatening porn stars. Justin Bieber might get a little high, hurl some eggs at his neighbor’s house, and then blame cocaine possession on his African American friend when the cops show up. Should we go on? Some celebrities, however, are productive, participating members of the community. And not just any community, we’re talking the craft beer community we’ve all come to know and love. In fact, we did a little research and put together a list of 5 celebrity-backed beers you’ve probably never heard of but should know about. There are some unlikely names in here, so get ready.


Cicero´s Beer School Podcast
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Rožnovské pivo Habsburg — April 23, 2014

Rožnovské pivo Habsburg

IMG_2497_FotorBrewery in Roznov pod Radhostem (roughly between Zlin and Ostrava) associated with famous Roznov Beer Spa made a new beer. It´s dark lager or Dunkel with 6% alc. The name – Habsburg – is connected with famous Austrian royal family that ruled th Kingdom of Bohemia and Moravia in the past. It´s made with 4 differend kinds of malt and two different kinds of hops. It´s a thick beer with nice white head, dark black colour and pleasant a bit caramelish taste. It´s one of their best beers and one of the finest dunkels I´ve ever had.