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Beer World Cup – Semifinals! — July 15, 2014

Beer World Cup – Semifinals!

We are almost over! We are down to last four! Semifinals! And there are four beers left in the battle for Beer World Cup!

SF1 – Japan/Hitachino Nest Espresso Stout –  Russia/Stepan Razin Porter
SF2 – Spain/Nomada Papaya Crash (Imperial IPA) – Argentina/Antares IPA


Beer World Cup – Quarter-finals — July 11, 2014

Beer World Cup – Quarter-finals

We are down to eight! Eight beers from three continents made the stage. So let´s have a look. And it turns out to be a style wars!

QF1: Chile/Kross Stout – Japan/Hitachino Nest Espresso Stout
QF2:Ecuador/Doggerlander Bongo´s IPA – Russia/Stepan Razin Porter
QF3: Spain/Nomada Papaya Crash – Colombia/BBC Septimazo IPA
QF4: Argentina/Antares IPA – South Korea/Craftworks Jirisan Moon Bear IPA

So it´s stout vs. stout in QF1 and battle of IPAs in QF3. There are only two countries from Europe left (Russia and Spain) and the dominant continent is South America with beer in every QF. That is interesting but the reason probably is that south americans can make the beer interesting as for labels, names, colors and styles maybe a bit more in some cases then brewers in traditional markets.


Beer World Cup – Round of 16 — July 10, 2014

Beer World Cup – Round of 16


The knockout stage is here! I let some of my frieds vote and they had to choose two beers from every group which they liked to taste it the most. I made a tables then and there are the results! For Round of 16 I will use only names of states and kinds of beer so you can get a perspective what styles are interesting for tasting.

Mexico (Stout) – Chile (Oatmeal Stout)
Japan (Espresso Stout) – Italy (Saison)
Ecuador (IPA) – Bosnia & Herzegovina (Keller/Landbier)
Portugal (Pilsener) – Russia (Porter)
Brasil (Rauchbier) – Spain (Imperial IPA)
Colombia (IPA) – England (Oatmeal Stout)
France (Bierre de Garde) – Argentina (IPA)
USA (APA) – South Korea (IPA)

Suprisingly Germany, Netherlands and Belgium didn´t make it to the Round of 16. The reasons are probably that I have chosen not so attractive brands or that my voters were in mood for something more exotic and in fact they were a bit suprised that you can find some very interesting beers in South America and Asia.

It´s not a suprise that no African beer made the playoffs.

32 teams in Brazil for World Cup 2014 – 32 great beers from every country participating! (Group F) — June 16, 2014

32 teams in Brazil for World Cup 2014 – 32 great beers from every country participating! (Group F)

Well, let´s play a little game. World Cup 2014 starts in a few days and billions of people around the world will be watching. And many of them will enjoy a good beer and I have decided to give them tips for at least onde good or at least decent brew from every country playing there. Some will be easy, some will be pretty challenging. So there we go!


Group F

Argentina – Antares IPA – Mar de Plata – Part of the “Selecciones del Brewmaster” series. Avalaible only at the Antares chain pubs on tap and 1000 750ml bottles. “Tap at Antares, Rosario Clear copper color, small white head, lace. Gooseberry bush and tropical fruits in the nose. Medium-bodied. Nice grapefruity hoppyness, tropical fruity sweetness. Good IPA, easier to drink than abv shows.” – TBone

Bosnia and Herzegovina – Livanjsko Svijetlo Pivo – Livno – Zwickel/Keller/Landbier – “Poured a remarkably nice misty dark golden body with a small but persistent tick white head. Appley nose – not a good thing. Fresh though, slightly herbal and malty. Appley malty taste, actually refreshing, ending in a slightly too simplistic bitterness… quite papery. Light, bitter finish. Has some faulty, but none that can’t be attributed to the fact that it’s past its BB date… Ok and the slightly simplistic hop sort (though generously used). This is probably a pretty good beer fresh. And the locals kept on trying to convince us that it was really bad BECAUSE it was local (and apologizing). “Support your local brewery” doesn’t seem to work there. And it’s definitely better than the macro crap they ARE drinking.” – Marko

Iran – Black Delster – Teheran – Low Alcohol – Ingredients: Malt, hops, sugar, Vitamin B-C, carbonated water. “Can. Dark and clear. Decent head. Smells exactly like Grape Nuts, which for me is a comfort aroma. Has a thin palate but with sugars on the tongue. Mild barley malts. Is like a bowl of Grape Nuts with water, strained. Bland and boring but has enough sugar and malt action to keep me interested. Not bad for a non-alc, as the dark and barley-forward malts have some richer flavors.” – Beershine

Nigeria – Legend Extra Stout – Lagos – Nigeria is the world’s third-largest market for stout. Legend is a main rival to Guinness Foreign Extra Stout. Legend is real brewed stout. It is differentiated from other stouts in the market by its complete full brewing process that gives it a unique, richer taste and long lasting foam head, giving Legend the credibility to be called “The Real Deal”. “Bottle, 60 cl, shared by nilsas. It pours a dark reddish brown body, clear, and topped by a dense, finger-thick dark beige head. Lots of chocolate in the aroma, coffee, roasted malts and a faint alcohol touch too. Some prunes. The flavor has lots of chocolate and roasted malts, some dried fruits. A little bitterness chiming in as well. Full body and a pleasant carbonation level, pretty soft. Lasting roasted finish with a solid dose of chocolate. I’m sure I could survive some days in Nigeria. 140305” – yngwie