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Morava Vidensky special — January 7, 2015

Morava Vidensky special

Microbrewery in Frydek-Mistek announced its first new beer in 2015. It´s Vidensky special (Vienna lager) and it´s going to be on sale by Jan.16th.

Vienna or amber lager was developed by brewer Anton Dreher in Vienna in 1841. Austrian brewers who emigrated to Mexico in the late 19th century took the style with them. Vienna lager is a reddish-brown or copper-colored beer with medium body and slight malt sweetness. The malt aroma and flavor may have a toasted character.


Kounice Single Hop Single Malt Ales Series — January 5, 2015

Kounice Single Hop Single Malt Ales Series

Wow, that is something extraordinary! Kounice brewery is preparing a new series of single hop, single malt ales. With alcohol volume 6.5 percent they will use very interesting kinds of hops plus single pilsener malt.

The first batch is already made and it´s from Nelson Sauvin hops (New Zealand/fruits-gooseberry)

The others batches will be made from Mandarina (Germany/fruits), Polaris (Germany/fruits-mint), Melon (Germany/fruits-melon) and Sorachi Ace (Japan/fruits).

The whole project looks awesome and I really hope that I´ll be able to get some of them and taste them.

The labels are pretty cool as well! Good job, Kounice!

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A beauty from Poland – Cziechan Poter — December 15, 2014

A beauty from Poland – Cziechan Poter

Ciechan brewery from Ciechanow is one of the more interesting bigger breweries in Poland. Their beers are not bad and they have quite a good PR department. And this is one of their best ideas. December Porter is thick, full beer that you can buy in ordinary bottles but now if you have an acces to some good polish beer store you may be able to purchase this beauty. Limited edition of it in awesome bottle. I´m not sure how many of them are available but it looks just perfect.


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The city of Cvikov (Zwickau) has a brewery again! —

The city of Cvikov (Zwickau) has a brewery again!

These lands in the outskirts of Czechia had and still have a very diffilcut times. Almost deserted after the WWII because of the expulsion of Germans from Czechoslovakia many tradicions vanished. Breweries are perfect example. There were lost of german-owned breweries in Sudetenland until 1948 and almost all of them were gone very quickly after this date. But some of them are coming back.

The newest one is Cvikov brewery in Northern Czechia. It was opened last week and I´m big fan of this project. I like the labels – they somehow reminds me something like 80´s design and I love the idea of bringing back old breweries to life. Hopefully their beer will beas good as this whole project.