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BEER ME! with Gabriel Pocrass – Episode 1 “Fort Collins, Colorado” — December 17, 2014
Two interesting Czech Christmas specials —

Two interesting Czech Christmas specials


Two of the most interesting Czech breweries made a special Christmas batch. Usually you can buy around Christmas time in beer shops all over the CZ some special Vienna lagers, pilseners etc. but these two took a different path. Clock brewery from Brno brewed Zlate prasatko (Golden Pig) and its weizenbock and Beskydsky pivovarek from Ostravice made Semi Dark IPA from czech and oregon hops. Both will be a treat.10689499_517091465060440_543534049796028813_n 10489633_817751504933109_2951030986814528753_n

A beauty from Poland – Cziechan Poter — December 15, 2014

A beauty from Poland – Cziechan Poter

Ciechan brewery from Ciechanow is one of the more interesting bigger breweries in Poland. Their beers are not bad and they have quite a good PR department. And this is one of their best ideas. December Porter is thick, full beer that you can buy in ordinary bottles but now if you have an acces to some good polish beer store you may be able to purchase this beauty. Limited edition of it in awesome bottle. I´m not sure how many of them are available but it looks just perfect.


New Pinta beer – Born in Rome —
Ale Browar – Saint no More – Ultimate Christmas gift — December 5, 2014
The city of Cvikov (Zwickau) has a brewery again! —

The city of Cvikov (Zwickau) has a brewery again!

These lands in the outskirts of Czechia had and still have a very diffilcut times. Almost deserted after the WWII because of the expulsion of Germans from Czechoslovakia many tradicions vanished. Breweries are perfect example. There were lost of german-owned breweries in Sudetenland until 1948 and almost all of them were gone very quickly after this date. But some of them are coming back.

The newest one is Cvikov brewery in Northern Czechia. It was opened last week and I´m big fan of this project. I like the labels – they somehow reminds me something like 80´s design and I love the idea of bringing back old breweries to life. Hopefully their beer will beas good as this whole project.


Brewery Lobec introduced new labels —
Drone beer delivery during #SnowVember (video) — November 21, 2014

Drone beer delivery during #SnowVember (video)

On November 18th 2014 Buffalo, NY experienced a record lake-effect snowfall. Citizens were stranded in their homes and cars. Some without food, water, or the necessary adult beverages. In an attempt to help these people, we took it upon ourselves to try a new delivery method.*

Disclaimer: We don’t really deliver beer to people via drones.

Video shot by Todd Salansky from Norris Clifton Creative. Edited by Cody Weiler.

Music is “Pucker Up” by Jingle Punks.
Buffalo + Cleveland

Pivovar Frankies Břeclav – Chocolate Stout (video) — November 20, 2014
Budweiser Budvar B:CRYO – frozen experiment from Ceske Budejovice — November 13, 2014

Budweiser Budvar B:CRYO – frozen experiment from Ceske Budejovice

Interesting fact. One of the most revolutionary beers is produced by one of the most conservative breweries in the country. Really. Budweiser Budvar created something like ice bock but even more bizarre. It’s beer without the body, frozen essence of strong lager that is sold on special bottles and that is unfrozing right on the table when customer buys it. It´s called B:CRYO and it will be available soon in selected pubs mainly near Ceske Budejovice and Prague. I’m kind of want to try it but the prize will be quite high (USD 25-40) and availability will be limited.

More info (and even some photos) in Czech – here

But it’s another example how even the biggest commercial breweries are trying to offer something new for their customers. Primator brewery is selling its brand new IPA as well as brewery Velky Chlumec. Times are slowly changing even in the Czech republic.

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Photos by Pivonka beer shop