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New beer – Bazyliszek Mordor — February 12, 2015

New beer – Bazyliszek Mordor

Browar Bazyliszek from Warsaw is another pretty interesting craft brewery from Poland. Its latest brew is their second Russian Imperial Stout with pretty cool name: MORDOR.

I quite admire their portfolio so I´m adding batch of their labels to the post as well and I´m not sure. They are very clever and funny but I don´t know if I like them or not. The brewery logo is perfect but the mix of photography and hand graphic… See for yourself.

Browar Bazyliszek facebook page 


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New labels for Radocha beer — January 27, 2015
The city of Cvikov (Zwickau) has a brewery again! — December 5, 2014

The city of Cvikov (Zwickau) has a brewery again!

These lands in the outskirts of Czechia had and still have a very diffilcut times. Almost deserted after the WWII because of the expulsion of Germans from Czechoslovakia many tradicions vanished. Breweries are perfect example. There were lost of german-owned breweries in Sudetenland until 1948 and almost all of them were gone very quickly after this date. But some of them are coming back.

The newest one is Cvikov brewery in Northern Czechia. It was opened last week and I´m big fan of this project. I like the labels – they somehow reminds me something like 80´s design and I love the idea of bringing back old breweries to life. Hopefully their beer will beas good as this whole project.


Brewery Lobec introduced new labels —
Five more absolutely ridiculous Polish beer labels. — November 6, 2014

Five more absolutely ridiculous Polish beer labels.


I admire and love Polish craft beer. I really do. But sometimes I just wonder who makes some of it. 🙂 Don´t get me wrong I am not complaining much – I am quite thrilled. Look at these labels from breweries Podgorz and Chmelarium. Funny? Amateur? Artsy? Ridiculous?

I know that it´s pretty hard to sell craft beer in Poland, country where beer culture is not as developed as we might want, so I suppose that these labels aim to catch some attention between non-beer geeks. But still… Maybe I´m old fashioned but please pay more attention to label design – bad fonts and clipart won´t do much.

So, what do you think?

sources and thanks to: Male piwko blog, Chmelowisko

P.S. Pssssst, okay, I admit – Sniezny kockodan is perfect… 😀

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Beer is simple, isn´t it…? — October 7, 2014

Beer is simple, isn´t it…?



So, you’re tasked with grabbing beer for a party. What do you do? You reach the beer aisle (or aisles) and suddenly it hits you. You have no idea what you’re doing. Why are there so many kinds of beers? How could they possibly be all that different? Then you do the unthinkable. You grab some American Adjunct Lager (think Budweiser, Miller, etc) and head off. You just chose a beer with almost no hops, no malt, no fruity ester flavor, a beer that is crisp and carbonated at least, but flavorless in the big world of beers (no offense to fans of American Lagers).

How do you decide then? While there may be dozens upon dozens of beer varieties, there are only two styles of beer: ales and lagers. But both are beer, so let’s start there.

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Hc Dukla Jihlava – brewery sponsored hockey team — August 26, 2014

Hc Dukla Jihlava – brewery sponsored hockey team


Another jersey for beer heads. This time it´s ice hockey team from the Czech Republic – HC Dukla Jihlava. The main partner is local industrial brewery Pivovar Jihlava which brews beer named Ježek (Hedgehog) which is famous for its not-so-good reputation. “At present, the brewery in Jihlava belongs to the Czech brewery group Pivovary Lobkowicz. In summer 2008, the brewery restored beer production according to the original recipes. Compared to its previous status,” they say that “the beer now has a full flavour and darker colour, and traditional floor malt produced in the Vysočina region is used. 11° Ježek beer is returning to its previous position – real brewed beer for a good price.”

HC Dukla Jihlava, founded in 1956, is an ice hockey team in the Czech Republic. It won the Czechoslovak Extraliga title 12 times: six consecutive championships beginning in 1967, then in 1974, four consecutive championships beginning in 1982, and again in 1991. As of 2006, HC Jihlava plays in the Czech 1. liga after being relegated from the Czech Extraliga in 2004-05.

The most notable players are Holik brothers or Dominik Hasek who had a year long stint during his army service here.

The funniest but kind of NSFW beer labels from Poland — August 18, 2014