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New beer – Bazyliszek Mordor — February 12, 2015

New beer – Bazyliszek Mordor

Browar Bazyliszek from Warsaw is another pretty interesting craft brewery from Poland. Its latest brew is their second Russian Imperial Stout with pretty cool name: MORDOR.

I quite admire their portfolio so I´m adding batch of their labels to the post as well and I´m not sure. They are very clever and funny but I don´t know if I like them or not. The brewery logo is perfect but the mix of photography and hand graphic… See for yourself.

Browar Bazyliszek facebook page 


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The city of Cvikov (Zwickau) has a brewery again! — December 5, 2014

The city of Cvikov (Zwickau) has a brewery again!

These lands in the outskirts of Czechia had and still have a very diffilcut times. Almost deserted after the WWII because of the expulsion of Germans from Czechoslovakia many tradicions vanished. Breweries are perfect example. There were lost of german-owned breweries in Sudetenland until 1948 and almost all of them were gone very quickly after this date. But some of them are coming back.

The newest one is Cvikov brewery in Northern Czechia. It was opened last week and I´m big fan of this project. I like the labels – they somehow reminds me something like 80´s design and I love the idea of bringing back old breweries to life. Hopefully their beer will beas good as this whole project.


Pivovar Frankies Břeclav – Chocolate Stout (video) — November 20, 2014
Austin Beerworks are selling the 99-Pack of beer! — August 29, 2014

Austin Beerworks are selling the 99-Pack of beer!

Austin Beerworks – Peacemaker Anytime Ale from Beef and Pie Productions on Vimeo.

Campaign with Helms Workshop to reintroduce Austin Beerworks Peacemaker, renaming it “Anytime Ale.” The term clarifies when the brew is best enjoyed: specifically, any time. With a beer that’s great at any moment, you should always keep a few on hand— so a multi-pack made sense. But how many?
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Minipivovar Veselka Litomysl — July 30, 2014

Minipivovar Veselka Litomysl


The birthplace of world famous composer Bedrich Smetana finally has a small brewery or brewpub. The place is called Veselka or Na Veselce and currently they produce two beers – both of them named after the most famous resident of the city – Bedrichova 11 – pale pilsener and (probably) vienna lager (polotmave).

The design of the labels is pretty good – internet presentaton can be way better. Their beer is quite new but the pilsener won some prize in some food show in Pardubice so I guess it´s pretty decent.

On August 9th the city of Litomysl is organizing a small beer festival so maybe I will go there and see how the beer is.

webpage (czech)

Zámecký pivovar Frýdlant – Opening Day & free beer! — July 17, 2014

Zámecký pivovar Frýdlant – Opening Day & free beer!

albrecht-circle-logo-giantZamecky pivovar Frydlant is opening its gates and the opening celebration will be with free beer all Saturday! It´s one of the most anticipated brewery opening in the Czech Republic this year and it seems that this brewer and its beer will be very decent and very well made.

Frydlant is a nice town in Northern Bohemia – in the area which is pretty wild because its history so this brewery can be one of the new tourist spots that are much needed in that region.

Brewery is located in Frydlant´s castle grounds and its portfolio should be very decent – lagers, weizen, ales… We´ll see soon!

Karlovsky minipivovar Pod pralesem Velké Karlovice — July 11, 2014

Karlovsky minipivovar Pod pralesem Velké Karlovice

minipivovar-pod-pralesem-karlovice-080720149_denik-600A brand new brewery is in the making in Beskydy montains. The village Velké Karlovice is known for relatively remoteness and therefore it´s perfect place for summer or winter holidays. It´s located in the deep valley under the Beskydy mountins in the very east of the Czech Republic. The nature is wild and the people are very tough. So I´m very curious what´s the beer will be like. The names are promising: Skřítek, Diblík etc. points to magical dwarfs-like creatures that live in the mountais. They will start with classical Czech beer (pilsener, maybe dunkel) but stronger beers and specials will be on the menu later as well.

I love the logo and I´m very curious about labels design!

An article in Czech – here

Tambor brewery tours — May 24, 2014

Tambor brewery tours

Do you want to visit smaller and pretty new Czech brewery? Well, head to the most famous safari and ZOO in Dvur Kralove nad Labem (near Hradec Kralove) and there is Tambor brewery. This year Tambor offers tours so you´ll have a chance to see how its beer is made. Tambor brewery is a medium sized brewery founded in 2009 and its beers are brewed by classical Czech recipes so don´t expect any ales or porters. But I must say that Tambor 12 lager is one of the best of its kind in CZ. So if you travel by go visit you won´t be disappointed!

The prize is 130Kč (approx. 4.50 Euro) and the lenght of the tour is about 45 minutes.

More info here:, tel 499 621 176, webpage



Letohradský Jelen — May 6, 2014

Letohradský Jelen


Letohradsky jelen is a new microbrewery in Letohrad, right? Well not so fast. This one is from Zamberk a small city near Letohrad. Zdenek Kalous, well known brewer, parted ways with Kanec brewery in Zamberk and started his own one. It bears a name Letohradsky Jelen (for its owner JZD Letohrad) but according to all available information it is brewed in Zamberk as well.

But the important thing is that the beer is pretty good. I have tried three kinds and no one disappointed me. Bohemian Pilsener Lager, Weissbier and Wheat Ale are all pretty good. Wheat Ale (under a cover name Polotmave specialni pivo) is pretty strong 6.2% alc. but with smooth taste and nice smell. Weissebier is suprisingly pretty dry and hoppy only with smooth wheat palate. And Lager is typical upright Czech pilsener – easy to drink – smooth and golden. There is Red Ale available these days as well.

So I´m very curious what else Zdenek Kalous has in his pockets and I´m really looking forward to it. But we must wait to see and stumble in  darkness because there is no web presentation, no facebook page no twitter.

The 1l bottles are available in Pivonka – beer shop in Hradec Kralove!