Beer geek living in Frýdek-Místek, city in Northern Moravia.

The beer culture and craft brewing is booming in the Czech Republic. This site is dedicated to map these turbulent and exciting times. Plenty of new breweries and beers are around and I´d like to share news about them for those who care.

The prime focus is to map a local scene – breweries around Ostrava (third largest city in the Czech Republic) and in southern Poland as well (Polish beer scene is interesting too). Then there will be some information about beers from other Czech regions as well as interesting beer articles I find online.  I´m not sure about beer reviews though because I don´t consider myself as a good beer critique. I love beer and I know that some places have better conditions then others and I cheer for everybody who wants to produce good, interesting or original beer.

Na zdraví / Cheers!