Interesting fact. One of the most revolutionary beers is produced by one of the most conservative breweries in the country. Really. Budweiser Budvar created something like ice bock but even more bizarre. It’s beer without the body, frozen essence of strong lager that is sold on special bottles and that is unfrozing right on the table when customer buys it. It´s called B:CRYO and it will be available soon in selected pubs mainly near Ceske Budejovice and Prague. I’m kind of want to try it but the prize will be quite high (USD 25-40) and availability will be limited.

More info (and even some photos) in Czech – here

But it’s another example how even the biggest commercial breweries are trying to offer something new for their customers. Primator brewery is selling its brand new IPA as well as brewery Velky Chlumec. Times are slowly changing even in the Czech republic.

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Photos by Pivonka beer shop