European craft beer scene is booming! We can see couple of very interesting new beers almost every week and I´m eager to try them all even it´ll be very diffilcut. 🙂 This week I discovered these three and this time even the labels are amazing! The first one is from Poland, second one is Austrian and the third is from CZ.

Hops, Dearh and Taxes is Spanish Cedar Aged Black IPA by Piwne Podziemie (Beer Underground) – quite new craft brewers from Rozdzalow, Chelm (near Lublin, PL). By the label I can say that these guys are absolutely nuts and I´d love to see more of their beers.

Austrian Bevog Brewery from Bad Radkersburg is one of the few craft breweries in the country outside Vienna. I love their labels and this one (reminding me a movie Where the Wild things are) is their best. Excellent. A I thing that the beer will be as good too.

The last new beer for today is one of the few Czech Saisons. Saisons are not yet very much popular here because their complicated taste and maybe because it´s very far from classic Czech lager in taste as beer can be. So Snajdr craft brewery is trying to change this and I´m big fan of it.