I admire and love Polish craft beer. I really do. But sometimes I just wonder who makes some of it. 🙂 Don´t get me wrong I am not complaining much – I am quite thrilled. Look at these labels from breweries Podgorz and Chmelarium. Funny? Amateur? Artsy? Ridiculous?

I know that it´s pretty hard to sell craft beer in Poland, country where beer culture is not as developed as we might want, so I suppose that these labels aim to catch some attention between non-beer geeks. But still… Maybe I´m old fashioned but please pay more attention to label design – bad fonts and clipart won´t do much.

So, what do you think?

sources and thanks to: Male piwko blog, Chmelowisko

P.S. Pssssst, okay, I admit – Sniezny kockodan is perfect… 😀

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