minipivovar-pod-pralesem-karlovice-080720149_denik-600A brand new brewery is in the making in Beskydy montains. The village Velké Karlovice is known for relatively remoteness and therefore it´s perfect place for summer or winter holidays. It´s located in the deep valley under the Beskydy mountins in the very east of the Czech Republic. The nature is wild and the people are very tough. So I´m very curious what´s the beer will be like. The names are promising: Skřítek, Diblík etc. points to magical dwarfs-like creatures that live in the mountais. They will start with classical Czech beer (pilsener, maybe dunkel) but stronger beers and specials will be on the menu later as well.

I love the logo and I´m very curious about labels design!

An article in Czech – here