We are down to eight! Eight beers from three continents made the stage. So let´s have a look. And it turns out to be a style wars!

QF1: Chile/Kross Stout – Japan/Hitachino Nest Espresso Stout
QF2:Ecuador/Doggerlander Bongo´s IPA – Russia/Stepan Razin Porter
QF3: Spain/Nomada Papaya Crash – Colombia/BBC Septimazo IPA
QF4: Argentina/Antares IPA – South Korea/Craftworks Jirisan Moon Bear IPA

So it´s stout vs. stout in QF1 and battle of IPAs in QF3. There are only two countries from Europe left (Russia and Spain) and the dominant continent is South America with beer in every QF. That is interesting but the reason probably is that south americans can make the beer interesting as for labels, names, colors and styles maybe a bit more in some cases then brewers in traditional markets.