10330370_284524311708555_4586614358970370659_nInteresting form of promotion chose Tambor – brewery from Dvur Kralove nad Labem (near Hradec Kralove). They decided to support motorcycle rider Michal Chalupa who competes in AA CUP Adria Raceway. The photos were taken from Tambor´s Facebook page and show logo of the brewery on the bike altogether with a trophy for 3rd place. Michal Chalupa finished third in both Italian races and gained some points to the overall standings in European Championship.

The beer geeks could also noticed that this fine result was celebrated by the team with a new Tambor´s beer – J.Jakoubek. It´s Vienna lager named after a famous songs writer and it should be available by now in restaurants and pubs around Dvur Kralove nad Labem and elsewhere.