Letohradsky jelen is a new microbrewery in Letohrad, right? Well not so fast. This one is from Zamberk a small city near Letohrad. Zdenek Kalous, well known brewer, parted ways with Kanec brewery in Zamberk and started his own one. It bears a name Letohradsky Jelen (for its owner JZD Letohrad) but according to all available information it is brewed in Zamberk as well.

But the important thing is that the beer is pretty good. I have tried three kinds and no one disappointed me. Bohemian Pilsener Lager, Weissbier and Wheat Ale are all pretty good. Wheat Ale (under a cover name Polotmave specialni pivo) is pretty strong 6.2% alc. but with smooth taste and nice smell. Weissebier is suprisingly pretty dry and hoppy only with smooth wheat palate. And Lager is typical upright Czech pilsener – easy to drink – smooth and golden. There is Red Ale available these days as well.

So I´m very curious what else Zdenek Kalous has in his pockets and I´m really looking forward to it. But we must wait to see and stumble in  darkness because there is no web presentation, no facebook page no twitter.

The 1l bottles are available in Pivonka – beer shop in Hradec Kralove!