The new brewpub or brewhotel opened in Šumava Mountains (south of Prague near Czech-German borders). It´s quite new phenomena. Big hotel resorts in Czech most favourite locations are adding small breweries to help themselves in competition on the supply side. In Krkonose (Giant Mountains), there is a small brewery in Luční bouda, in Beskydy mountains, there is Lomnan Brewery by the Hotel Pod Kyčmolem in Horni Lomna.

And now there is this new one in Šumava. Lyer Brewery by the Penzion Modrava in Modrava, one of the biggest tourist places in National Park Šumava). The name – Lyer – stands for the owner of the brewery nad hotel – Ing. Radovan Lyer.

The portofolio is quite classic – according to all information I could get – they brew  Lyer10, Lyer11, Lyer12 – bohemian pilsener style lagers and Lyer 11 – dunkel lager.

I´m really interested in quality of these beers because I´m really afraid that this type of small hotel breweries is focused just to get an attention to the hotel and not so much to the beer quality. But I´d love to be wrong here.