Probably my the most favorite place in Madrid! Great selection of craft beers (even from Spain!), nice people, cozy place in an interesting city neighborhood. I´ve bought some of Spanish IPAs, lagers and even some Papaya Ale and had a wonderful evening tasting them. Must go and see. And perfect article by Naked Madrid. Read.

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Naked Madrid

My first encounter with beer was many years ago (well, not too many). When I was a child in Madrid, I used to go to the bar with my dad to watch football and spend the afternoon together. My father, an Englishman with a Spanish family, always said that I should get used to beer as soon as possible so I’d appreciate it better. To help me along, he would always pass me his glass and look away so that I could take a few sips, feeling like I was doing something wrong.

A few weeks ago, I was running late to meet up with friends at Mercado de San Anton, when a little sign caught my attention: talleres de elaboración de cerveza” (or in English, homemade beer workshop). Once again, as if I were a little boy, the feeling of doing something wrong popped into my…

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