10250199_10152374578202363_9201910761781746115_nHradec Králové (100km east from Prague) is my home city so I´m still very curious about what´s happening there. As for the beer Hradec Králové isn´t interesting much but times are slowly changing. There is one very good beer shop (Pivoňka), one exceptional pub with its own beer (Pivovarská brána – but their beer is brewed in Prague for now) and one very rarely brewing picobrewery Rambousek. But there will be more.

Pivonka pointed out on its Facebook page that homebrewers called Ovipistan are preparing new microbrewery in Hradec Kralove. In the picture, you cas see their first test batch. It´s Bohemian Pilsener called President and according to the source it´s pretty good. So I really do hope that the guys will make it and the new Hradec microbrewery will be opened soon and we will have a chance to drink another beer from a beautiful queens´city.