1507129_10152370252042363_5141521574521656175_nEaster is coming and PR managers of Czech breweries are very busy. They started to produce their specials and more and more of them are joining this kind of tradition. The beers are traditional as well. Mostly it´s a pilsener lager with little bit more alc volume. Usually about 5.1 – 5.6% alc. Sometimes it´s polotmavy lager or Vienna style lager. So not much of diversity here.

There are two more typical examples:

Chodovar Velikonoční Albi with a cute doggie label. Chodovar is a brewery in Chodova Plana near Karlovy Vary or Cheb. Their beers are not bad but not great either. I tasted it last year and the it was just right.

Permon Velikonoční třináctka is from Permon brewery in Sokolov. This brewery is one of my favourites because their beers are great and they are brave enough to brew IPAs, APAs or Stouts. So I will try to get this one as well because I strongly believe that it will be at least very decent special.