IMG_2422Imperial Stouts are now considered as a top craft beer style. It´s slowly getting more and more popular among beer geeks not only in US but in Europe as well. And because Czechs breweries aren´t there yet (there´s only one exception) I have to taste this style from abroad. During summer I had a chance to buy some of De Molen´s beers in Prague and among three bottles I bought I picked this one. Spanning & Sensatie.

And it was very lucky selection. This beer is very interesting experience. Even I slowly begin to appreciate this kind of black strong heavy beer and I slowly falling to love with it. This particular one is a mix of many tastes that give you feeling that you don´t drink jus some beer but something more special. The ingredients are mixed with perfection. Cocoa, caramel, smoke, chilli. These are not just on the label you can feel them in the taste.

Later I realized that it was my fourth encounter with Imperial Stout and probably that was why I love it so much. That´s not the beer for begginers and it´s not the beer for everyday. But when you have some special occasion – go for it