Olimp - Hera2

Another very interest brewery from Poland! Olimp brewery is obviously fascinated by ancient Greek myths and all its design is pointed that way. And I love it! They have brilliant labels and I´m pretty sure their beer will be great as well. So far they produced five beers and among them is Russian Imperial Stout Hades or Coffee Milk Stout Hera. These two are ones I really want to taste. The new beer – Zeus – is in the making and when it´s ready it will be here on my blog for sure! I´m pretty excited about this project and you should too.


From their webpage:
“Olyimpus Brewery is a craft initiative born in mid 2013 in Toruń, a city in central Poland known for it’s gothic architecture. As for now, we are a contract brewery, which means that we use the infrastructure of friendly regional breweries (someone called it “homeless brewery”). Our goal is to add something new to running craft beer revolution in Poland, but without forgetting who we are. We want our beers to remain local, even when we brew styles that are booming in the US. To play a little game of guessing with our customers, and to follow the same style of our products, we have chosen to name beer like heroes and gods from the greek mythology. We hope that the contents of our bottles will bring You the best experience.”