I´ve been very very nice and if you want to give me some present – I LOVE THIS GLASS! So awesome, such a piece of beer glass art. Well done Left Hand!



The New Standard in Stout Glass is here: introducing Spiegelau’s next style specific glass, developed in collaboration with Left Hand Brewing Company and Rogue Ales!

Stout Glass Merits:

  • Voluminous, open bottom glass base drives beer and aromatic foam upward into main bowl
  • Ultra-pure quartz material makes for unsurpassed clarity and flawless, true color presentation of stout beer
  • Wider, conical bowl significantly amplifies aromas & also provides superior flow to mid palate, improving the taste, mouth feel and finish of complex a stout
  • Stark, angular shape and open base creates dramatic visual cascading effect into glass as beer is poured

Get your Left Hand Stout Glass!

See more at: http://lefthandbrewing.com/