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London’s best historical pubs: the ultimate tour
There are few more quintessentially English experiences than supping a pint of ale in a centuries-old public house, where the walls could tell you stories. London is awash with such places, remarkably so in some respects, given the destruction wreaked by the Great Fire of London, Second World War bombs and post-war planners. Marked in the map above are some wonderfully historical pubs in the heart of London. Some were around before Shakespeare; others are comparatively recent Victorian additions – but all have a fascinating story behind them. There are many more options beyond this map, and we have highlighted some of the most noteworthy below.

It’s always great when the Mikkeller crew comes to town. They were here for two collaboration brews, one with Partizan for the Rainbow Project and one with the brewpub Earl of Essex, and a tap takeover at the Kings Arms. It’s safe to say they were making the most of their recent visit.


Beer Run!
A (somewhat) scientific look at how a postrun pint (or two) affects your favorite activity. Biggest surprise? It’s different for women.


History of Brewing – Industrial Revolution and Pasteur (1780 – 1860)
The Industrial Revolution provided the tools to make large batches of consistent beers for the first time in history. This is because the hydrometer, thermometer, and microscope were all invented during this period. Industrialization provided breweries with the infrastructure to brew, package, and distribute large quantities of beer.


3 Common Beer Myths Busted
Beer is a beautiful thing – A perfect balance of four ingredients: water, malted barley, hops, and yeast. Recently I have been hearing vicious lies circulating about this wonderfully complex and diverse beverage causing people to dismiss entire categories or even colors of beer. Tragic, I know. Let’s bust open  some of the most common beer myths, why don’t we?


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