Karvina – city in Northern Moravia very close to the borders with Poland – was for a long time pretty much a beer desert.  Nothing but local mogul – Radegast – was available there. But this changed dramatically during last few months. There are two finished micro breweries and one more in the making. I haven´t had the opportunity to taste their beer yet but the trip is scheduled now and I´m really curious.

The first small brewery was opened in Ovečka restaurant in Karviná-Ráj. They have chosen the beer name – Larische. That points to the rich landowner in the city in the 19th and begging of the 20th century. Their beer portfolio is pretty much classic – pilsener, vienna polotmavy and wheat beer.

Second small brewery was established in Karviná-Fryšták and it´s affiliated with Baron restaurant. The name is quite unoriginal – Karvinske pivo (Karvina´s beer) – and their porfolio consists so far only from two types of pilsener. But there is a small beer museum by the brewery because the place has long tradition of beer making in the past.

Links: Pivovar Larische / Karvinské pivo