Dagmar Vlkova - chief brewer from Strakonice brewery (CZ)
Dagmar Vlkova – chief brewer from Strakonice brewery (CZ)

– Daily Mail has interesting article about role of a women in brewing industry and in all beer consumption. It´s obvious. Beer is more and more popular and women tend to ask for their special – maybe more subtle brews. You can see it even in the Czech Republic where Dagmar Vlková (photo above) is very respected head brewer in Strakonicky pivovar. – 

From women brewers, a perfect pint for a lady: New range of beers designed to appeal to feminine tastes

  • Campaign for real ale (CAMRA) has 20,000 female members and growing
  • Revisionist Beer range will feature more subtle flavours to attract women
  • Will feature ‘old’ brews and ‘new world’ ones like American Rye Pale Ale
  • Historically, women were the first and most respected brewers

Beer is increasingly replacing wine for women amid successful efforts to introduce brews with sophisticated and subtle flavours.

The campaign for real ale (CAMRA) has some 20,000 female members, while a new generation of women ‘brewsters’ are creating successful craft ales.

In fact, there is evidence dating back to thousands of years before Christ was born to show women were the first and most respected of brewers.

Now a group of women at the top of Britain’s burgeoning brewery industry have developed a range of seven beers designed to appeal particularly to women, but also men.

The Revisionist Beer range consists of ‘old world’ continental beer styles, such as Belgian Saison and a German wheat beer, to ‘new world’ beer flavours like an American Rye Pale Ale, a Californian Common Steam beer and a Red Ale.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2582382/From-women-brewers-perfect-pint-lady-New-range-beers-designed-appeal-feminine-tastes.html#ixzz2wDaPxGqg