Folks from Brews Travelers were in my favourite Texas brewery – Jester King in Austin. There is theirs experience. And follow them at I am a big fan! Their mission is very interesting and exciting!

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After leaving Thirsty Planet this past Saturday, we strolled right on over to Jester King just a few miles around the corner. Hidden away in far west Austin, Jester King is known for their unique methods of farmhouse brewing, which are wildly different than the approaches most other Texas breweries use. This is not to say that their style of brewing is better or worse when compared to others, just different. We were lucky enough to show up just after they released their new beer known as La Vie en Rose, “a dry, well attenuated, unspiced Farmhouse Ale refermented with the same raspberries used to make Jester King Atrial Rubicite.” After getting a taste of both the La Vie and the Atrial, we can say without a doubt that their beer is fascinatingly delightful.

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